What is Challenge to Change?

Challenge to Change is a FREE community program providing practical advice and assistance to empower everyone to switch from environment damaging to environement friendly lifestyles.

Maribyrnong Council are currently retrofitting our community buildings and changing the way we use energy to increase the energy efficiency of our buildings and to save money as part of the emPOWERing Maribyrnong program. We are also retrofitting many of our streetlights to more energy efficient models as part of the Ligting the West program.  These two programs received funding from the Australian government.  We are seeing the benefits of our changes and would like to encourage you to also save energy and money in your own home through the Challenge to Change program.


Challenge to Change focuses on reducing our energy use. By taking easy actions to reduce your electricity, gas, fuel and waste usage, your household or organisation can significantly reduce emissions and help to do your bit help the environment and save money in your own home.

The program has 2 Challenge Types:

  1. Express Challenge
  2. Full Challenge

The challenge encourages you to take action, shows you what you can do to make a difference and provides feedback on how much energy you have saved.


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